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1 By comparison, it is relatively uncommon accounting for less than 5% 2 of all orbital tumors and occurring in about 7% of all cancers of body. .
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  • She's been posting daily updates since on the drug to document how she's feeling day to day basis, coping with side effects & issues being on this chemo #MetastaticMay #MetastaticBreastCancer https://buff.
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    , Wong, C.

  • It is the main site of origin in ocular metastatic disease in women, and, due to its hematogenous nature of metastatic spread, it affects mainly the uveal tissue.
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  • Simultaneous metastasis to other parts of the body was also seen in 61% of our patients.
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    Lung cancer metastasized to the eye and orbit earlier than did breast cancer (276 vs 1266 days, respectively) and had a shorter MST following this metastasis (188 vs 666 days, respectively).

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  • Breast cancer is the main site of origin of orbital metastatic disease.
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    Metastatic foci may develop insidiously, and may present.

  • [ 4, 5] Shah et al.
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    analyzed the relationship of uveal metastases from lung cancer in 194 patients with 374 tumors and found that choroidal metastases from lung.

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