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If you want to experience Betrayal, then play Third Edition. Betrayal at House on the Hill is pure homage to the horror genre.
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  • 000: Harga: Betrayal at House on The Hill Board GameRp1.
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    The first half of the game is just wandering around waiting for the haunt to begin.

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game published by Avalon Hill in 2004, designed by Bruce Glassco and developed by Rob Daviau, Bill McQuillan, Mike Selinker, and Teeuwynn Woodruff.
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    With an estimated one hour playing time, Betrayal at House on the Hill is ideal for parties, family gatherings or casual fun with friends.

  • The game is designed for three to six people, each of whom plays one of six possible characters.
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    3 – 6 Players, 60 Minutes playing time, Ages 12 and up.

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  • Originally released in 2004, it was considered a “cult classic” board game for many years, until it was reprinted in 2010.
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    Overview Upgrade your copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill today with this premium Upgrade Kit! Details Release Date November 2018 Genre Expansion Pack* Game Time 60 Min Ages 12+ Players 3-6 *Requires base game to play.

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    At first you'll work together, but beware.