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I have mentioned before that our ascendant sign is the first impression that we give off. .
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  • By definition, the descendant is always in the sign opposite to that of the Ascendant (if you are for example Ascendant Aries, your descendant is in Libra) The astrological sign where the descendant is located defines the attitude we have towards others, how we relate to them, what kind of relationships we have and all our associations.
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  • Your descendant sign is Libra if Aries is your rising sign.
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    Pisces-Virgo gives greater focus on being of service, of help, and paying close attention to others, while Aries-Libra focuses more on connection.

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  • The same goes for the Descendant, which is calculated in the same way and falls exactly to the opposite point (180 degrees from the Ascendant).
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    This sign occupies our first house, which is the house of self.

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    The Ascendant/Descendant Axis in Astrology.

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